Fasting Before a Liver Ultrasound

Liver ultrasound is a procedure that is carried out by a medical practitioner so as to allow him/her to view the liver which is an internal organ. The machinery used to carry out this function makes use of sound waves which originate from the machines and the organs produce an echo when they come into contact with these waves. The echoes which are in the form of the sound waves are to be translated into pictures which are portrayed on the display.

Why fasting is encouraged before a liver ultrasound

The main objective of undertaking liver ultrasound is to locate problems that may be present in the liver. To go through the process, a person is required to fast because of its importance when it comes to such exercise. Before a liver ultrasound is undertaken, one is not required to eat or drink because such action tends to bring about presence of air in the stomach. The waves from the projectile of the ultrasound machine tend to find much difficulty when it comes to penetrating air thus this is very difficult when it comes to having accurate results from the exercise.
liver ultrasound

Instructions on fasting before a liver ultrasound

The first step when it comes to undertaking this exercise before a liver ultrasound includes doing consultation with the doctor. These are experts who will advise one on what to do because they are the ones that understand the procedure in a clear manner.
The doctor will provide the time when the liver ultrasound will be undertaken. This is very important when it comes to planning the fasting process for the liver ultrasound. Scheduling of the ultrasound by the doctors is undertaken in a way so as to cater for the patients fasting periods.
The patient is required to eat or drink eight hours before the liver ultrasound procedure. The doctor is required to provide his patient with a diet plan thus with such advice, the person to undergo liver ultrasound is required to follow the provided plan. Doctors also accept their patients to take drinks six hours before the procedure is undertaken.
Any medication prescribed by the doctor is required to be followed to the latter. Amount of water used to take the medicine should be minimized in a great manner so as to avoid creating air presence in the stomach.

More tips on fasting before a liver ultrasound

It is best for a patient to consult with the doctor if he/she is on any form of medication. This is to prevent further complications when it comes to liver ultrasound procedure. This medication tends to bring about wrong readings and this won’t be pleasant for the procedure. The doctor will advise the patient on how to miss the medication before the procedure.
Eating of fat before the procedure should also be avoided when it comes to liver transplant. If this is done, the results of the ultrasound will also be affected. Following these steps, one will be rest assured that the liver diagnosis will be undertaken amicably.

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